The quality of your images is one of the biggest variables to success on Instagram. In this context ‘quality’ refers to the image content itself, not specifically it’s pixel count. Native discovery through the use of hashtags will be the biggest contributor to your follower count, so you’re aiming for arresting and intriguing imagery to grab users attention. That being said it doesn’t necessarily mean every image has to be an epic shot from the top of a mountain with the morning sun just breaking the horizon. But on the opposite end of the scale, a blurry iPhone image isn’t engaging enough to warrant a like or share.

By its very nature ‘quality’ is a hard metric to measure. The best advice I can give to increasing the quality of your images is to be subjective, be highly critical of your own content and take a very objective look at your account as a whole. Same input, same outcome. If you feel you’re not getting the results you’d like, make changes!

Additionally, at any time a snapshot of the last 9 images on your profile should represent your business, what you do, who you are and your values. This is important for anyone who lands on your profile page

Let’s get practical. I’m going to use the example of a jewellery business throughout this guide to give you some real world perspective on various topics and ideas.


A jewellery business may use static product shots on their website to great affect, showing details and sizing. On Instagram however showcasing their products in the real world, being warn and enjoyed is far more effective than a product on a white background.

Best of luck out there