STUTTERS. Are they really shy as you think them to be ?

Hello folks. It’s my first time writing over here. So, quite a bit nervous. Let me start with my point by getting you to my own story.

I started stuttering(stammering ) since my early 8. It has been almost 11 years that I have been stuttering. I nearly had a stroke when my teacher called for my attendance Rudhan Ghimire , and with my red face with I used to raise my sweated hands and yell “Pr-r-r-esent teachh-her.” I used to sit back in my place being to victorious as if I had won some greatest wars. I had fear on every day when my teacher entered class with the attendance register.

Things got worse when my there was a oral test. Our science teacher used to take oral tests after every chapters. “ Mr. Ghimire , Can you describe me about Homologous Series ?”

Series of compounds having same physical and chemical properties, can prepared by same ways, having the mol. wt. difference of 14amu. I had the answers ready in my head. But I used to found Sorry easier to say than those long answers. My teachers used to get shocked when they see my good grades in exam papers and written tests.

I will be in USA for my undergraduate degree in few months and I am quite worried how am I gonna talk with my new friends, professors , how am I gonna buy an hot-dog, burgers . Hope it goes Alright. 😕

There is a million things I want to say- I think it is what every stutters think of.

NSA shows that there are almost 80 million stutters in the world. [ This makes me quite happy, yo :D I am not the only one with this ] I am sure that many stutters are empathetic, introvert, fear of what people think of them. But I don’t think stutters feel shy.

Stammering can affect a person’s confidence in some speaking situations and as a result the individual may seem to be more reticent or reserved. This has probably developed because of the unhelpful reactions of listeners to the stutters, based on misconceptions and a lack of understanding. ‘Harry Porter’ books too have portrayed stuttering is because of nervousness. I don’t think nervousness causes stuttering but rather it increases the stuttering.

It is clear that the more anxious any speaker is, the less fluent they may become. This is especially true for many people who stutter.

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