Locked and wasted capital

Message to…..

1.Do you know how many young professionals have been trained through Big Four global firms last 25 years in Macedonia? Professionals with western knowledge,culture and business behavior? Hundreds and hundreds. That’s FDI of millions of euros. Macedonia has the oldest practice in SEE. Do you know that these big four global firms PwC,Deloitte,KPMG,and EY together have more employees than Macedonia?These professionals are mostly anonymous,workaholics, following rules and procedures of the profession,with knowledge of professional communication skils and techniques . Mostly they are frustrated,also. They have never been asked for at least second opinion by decision makers in this Glembay’s locally locked society. Looks like Parallel Worlds in the country of two million population. Luckily, they are always first target of any foreign investor in Macedonia or have chances working in a global network. And they are living the country.From Society point of view, this is lost of granted capital by foreign investors in human resourses. And no one care about this.

2. Do you know how many. macedonians have been graduated and post graduated on world’s top universities since the day of independence? Hundreds and hundreds… I am talking about graduated and post graduated on a full time basis abroad. Significant number has never returned in this forever promising country. Returners, usually works in some “left or right corners” in this Glembay’s intellectually locked society. No need to repeat the same issues from first group. The issues are literally equal.

Professionally,these two groups are living in parallel world in this Glembay’s local environment. Trapped,confused,blocked,frustrated…from locally corrupted mindset established since the day if independence. These groups can not do anything,because they are minority. And because they are serious threat for majority group which has been “heading” almost 3 decades toward european reforms and values.But,never has found the professional key and path to the reforms due to window dressed professional knowledge.

These groups should be proud of their results.Should not be frustrated because they are not able to do anything in this local enviroment.They should be proud having valuable western professional practices and recognizable diplomas. And be patient for a while. This is the last chance for majority group in this forever promising country,to find the key and the path to european values.If not,they will propably be kicked and forced to open this Glembay’s sick and locked society.This could be potential chances for new frontiers for you. Is this idealistic view? No. But for any case,be prepared also to pack your bags and take control of you individual lifes.Time is running for majority group!

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