You launched in with a “fact” that wasn’t a fact.
Jane Rette

I appreciate the advice. I will however let my initial post stand unaltered so that the rest of this conversation still makes sense (and to provide context for what I say in par. 3). Whoever reads this exchange later can take or leave whatever elements they please.

If the slangy use of the term “fact” was what threw you off, I didn’t intend to portray my perspective as measurable empirical data, because of course perceptions and opinions are subjective. What I prefer to stress is that something’s gone wildly wrong with how we’re perceiving ourselves and our value in society. Various grievances, social movements, etc., have resulted, seemingly to no avail.

It seems that this has all come to a head with the simultaneous collapse of the nuclear family and the increasingly high rates of urbanization. I don’t think that human beings are calibrated to live as highly individualistic / disconnected individuals in high density urban and office environments. The conflicting simultaneous signals of “I am completely isolated” versus “I am in a tight-knit community” are making us go collectively insane. And we don’t necessarily have it in us as a species to adapt to this.

(The above is just my opinion and not a fact ;)

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