Ah thx… I see the POV now.
Mateo D

I think you’re confusing conservatives with the Klan. Legal immigration is good. Education is good. Urbanization is good. Conservatives support Israel more strongly than liberals do.

Some of the issues that you point out in a cartoonish way are legitimate problems, however:

Drug and gang culture are behind the problem with crime rates, escalation of violence with law enforcement (leading to an atmosphere conducive to police brutality), and so on. You can be lily-white and still a thug, and it’s still a problem.

Abortion is related to this culture of criminality, promiscuity, and no accountability. Abortion is a problem in and of itself, of course, but if the single motherhood rate could be brought down by encouraging men to be more responsible rather than by killing children, it would tend to decrease the need for abortion anyway, whether it remained legal or not. Leftists are all about blaming men, right? So you should at least partially agree with this one.

Muslims in the US are not a problem any more than the Mormons or the Scientologists, but uncontrolled mass migration from areas where the majority of the population believes in violently subjugating the world to their religion is a problem. Conflating the two is dishonest and/or stupid. (Which goes for the people who feel like it makes sense to shoot up a random mosque, too. Flipside of the same stupid coin.)

Welfare queens — I give you that one. They don’t really exist in significant numbers. Any welfare system will have exploiters, that’s no excuse to have no social safety net whatsoever.

Socialists are in fact a problem, because they propose fiscal policies that could never work. E.g., Bernie Sanders. His plans related to taxation and minimum wages would increase unemployment and directly increase poverty, given that the vast majority of poverty is caused by unemployment rather than low wages.

Mexicans per se aren’t the problem, Mexican criminals are the problem. And right now they’re very dependent on the porous southern border, so it makes sense to reinforce the existing fence. Maybe make it 10' higher, I don’t know ;)

Oh, and the Illuminati’s not real, so. I don’t know of any conservative candidate who ran on the platform of hunting down the Illuminati, so I don’t know how that’s relevant. Besides, a bunch of drug-addled leftists believe in conspiracies too, so that’s neither here nor there.

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