I Loathe The Trump Presidency — But I’m Getting Addicted To The Drama
Allan Ishac

Interesting! This is more or less how I’ve felt since about 2014, when the ultra-progressive nonsense kicked into high gear. And it’s an amplification of what I’ve felt for most of my politically aware life, given that I live in a very “progressive” country. So the out-of-control leftist BS we’re seeing more prominently in American media right now (including most of what you post, no offense) represents the establishment as far as I’m concerned.

Sadly for me, when Trump won politically, I won culturally, at least as far as the online culture wars are concerned. Now things are boring again. Not to mention that the victory of conservative / right-libertarian / classical liberal online counter-culture that Trump represents can’t help but get tarnished by the facts that -

1. Trump’s the establishment now (it’s cool to resist the establishment, not the reverse), and

2. he’s kind of a dumbass in many ways.

Luckily, the major media houses have not caught on yet and are going out of their way to use their old tricks to malign innocent bystanders (PewDiePie, Milo, etc.). And those media houses are the corporate establishment, even if political control doesn’t belong to folks with their ideology at the moment. So there’s still some establishment-fighting to be had. But yeah, admittedly I was secretly rooting for Hillary just so that I could keep fighting the machine.

I wish I had leftists’ gift to pretend to be anti-establishment while simultaneously being the establishment, but I guess I’m not supple enough for that level of mental gymnastics.

Ah well. Give it 4 years. If America survives.

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