Can you clarify?
Allison Rhone

It probably won’t elicit any sympathy around here, given that I’m a white South African (though my family has been opposing segregation since before it even officially existed, and got targeted by the white nationalist government for it, even to the point of being killed). I don’t know how much you know about the current local situation, but suffice it to say that Genocide Watch keeps an eye on the situation for a reason. It’s not super fun to be a minority when politicians openly call for your property to be expropriated at least, and in their more extreme moments call for actual genocide.

EDIT: Some disclaimers are probably in order if you go to research the issue. First, non-South African black Africans are victimized even more heavily. Second, violent crime is a problem for everyone in South Africa (it’s just that white farmers, for example, are disproportionately targeted and their murders tend to involve torture). Third, Western white supremacists tend to fetishize Afrikaner corpses because they imagine that dead white people legitimize their own bigotry. So you will probably encounter alt-right edgelords if you research farm murders in South Africa. Rest assured that they hate me too, for being a “cuck,” i.e. a white man who doesn’t tolerate their racism. (I apparently deserve to die for this, according to them.)