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My actual viewpoint is that modern progressive activists are trolls, because it doesn’t seem like -
a) they have anything of substance to fight for, or
b) they have the right methods.

I mean, night and day it’s provoke provoke provoke, accuse accuse accuse, attack attack attack, and any pushback is evil and misogynist. That’s why Donald Trump has any legitimacy at all. He’s the monster that outrage culture, fueled for the most part by progressive politics, has created.

But admittedly, all I’m seeing from progressives right now where I’m at (which is South Africa) is blatant racism, violence, intimidation, arson, hate speech, etc., begging for a reaction (like trolls) and then calling any reaction “racism,” which they then use as an excuse to get even more strident and violent. Going by their terminology it’s all blatantly fueled via American progressive narratives (“privilege,” “colonialism,” “whiteness,” “problematic,” etc.), which you might argue have been misapplied, but either way. When nationalist socialists are burning down public institutions while targeting one’s own ethnic group for violence, perhaps one might lose sight of a nuance or two.

Or I’m just trolling, yanno, under my real name, as trolls do.

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