What is the source for this “information?”
Edward Bauman

No, the average when accounting for all the variables is 2 cents. The gap itself is often cited as 22 cents (or “78 cents on the dollar”), but the other 20 cents are accounted for by factors not related to gender. The choices that women typically make, without coercion, without being compelled to, account for the greater majority of the gap. You are saying that women should not be allowed to make independent choices for themselves that would not achieve the parity of statistical averages between two populations that you have convinced yourself would be the hallmark of social justice.

That’s nuts. And kind of sexist. Like, if a woman doesn’t make the same choices that men do, in order to make her successful by the standards that men use to measure their own success, then she’s failed somehow. Talk about your weird, overbearing expectations.

Also, my source for much of this is the work of Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, whose video series, The Factual Feminist, is on YouTube for everyone to be edified by.

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