Well, we can ‘parse’ things out whether it’s the ‘Klan’, Fundies, the Alt-Right, whatever, and we…
Mateo D

Socialism succeeds in Europe because they can afford to skimp on military expenditure, because the U.S. looks out for them. Also, they’re living on borrowed time in that regard. Their economies are no longer growing because socialism disincentivizes competition by punishing success.

Also, of course people in poorer states go conservative. Because they see how fiscal liberalism is destroying their communities. How can you say that a socialist policy would benefit the poor and continue to believe that when the poor themselves are telling you that’s BS? How arrogant do you have to be? It’s easy to pretend to be virtuous by redistributing someone else’s money, when you’re in a richer state and your proposed policy wouldn’t affect your life in any way. The #1 cause of poverty is not low pay, it’s unemployment. Economic liberals push for a higher minimum wage for themselves, making it that much harder for the unemployed to get a foot in the door at all. Are you surprised that people object to being oppressed? Is this surprising?

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