Just curious, Rudiger, what pragmatic reasons were those?
Allan Ishac

Sure, it just seemed like Clinton was wrong on every issue (the so-called wage gap, illegal immigration, war with Russia, etc.) and Trump wasn’t. They’re still both executive-order-happy authoritarians, so I don’t actively like either of them, but those were the choices. Even if you consider third-party votes viable, Stein was even more wrong than Clinton apart from not being an insane warmonger, and Johnson seems to be from a different planet. And for anyone who remembers Bernie, he means well, but he’s a socialist. And the other Republican and Democratic candidates in the primaries were just a bit tragic. Bush III, are you kidding me right now, what were they even thinking.

All of the choices kind of sucked, even more so than in 2008, but Trump seemed the least terrible in that he wasn’t advocating for reinforcing the failing domestic status quo, and then also entering into a hot war with Russia. Unlike Clinton, who was itching to have a go at Russia for some reason. Also, the so-called “culture wars” just got a thousand times more hilarious with Trump’s election, but that’s just a bonus.

Basically I agree with most of what Trump stated he wants to achieve (control illegal immigration, strengthen local industry, drop identity politics, fix Middle Eastern instability which is America’s mess to clean up anyway, etc.), though often the means by which he seeks to achieve these things is scary. That’s why the humorless Trumpite stormtroopers are scary also, as are the Antifa rioters, #NotMyPresident, etc. Mindless yes-men will embolden him. Violent hysteria will give him an excuse to crack down. Only honest criticism (and, perhaps, some parody and satire) will keep him in check.

As long as his authoritarian tendencies are kept under control, and he occasionally gets stymied by Congress and by the courts when he overreaches, he might actually be an alright president despite himself. Kind of like how George Lucas made the original Star Wars when he was up against opposition from the studio, but give him a bottomless bank account and his own army of sycophants, and he makes prequels.

At least, these are my impressions from what I could piece together via the internet. I’m from Africa and have never been to the wrong side of the Atlantic, so :P

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