Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

This kind of matches my experience with learning and simultaneously developing in Dojo, yet another JS framework. Now granted, it’s less unstable, but it recently broke itself in a huge update that changed how everything works, and quite often there’s no documentation on the new way of doing things. So you spend a morning trying to implement something, only to realize that the syntax you’re using (from StackExchange, or a plugin on GitHub, or whatever, because the official documentation has nothing to say) no longer works in your version. The error messages don’t help either, since the point at which things fall apart and the point at which the problem finally manages to trigger an actual error might be a hundred steps apart.

I’d use jQuery if I could, but the in-house JS libraries I need to work with are written for Dojo only, for Jupiter knows what reason. Light a candle for me, or something ;)

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