Not only are they inextricable, but race is modern politics!
Abel Cohen

Well, given that your country to this day has a “Senate” and tries very hard to be the new Romans in many ways (as a self-described continuation of Western Roman culture, no less — as opposed to the Eastern Roman Empire, which Russia considers itself the sole remaining heir of), I question your assertion that the imitation of the Romans ended with Luther.

I’ll agree that race is modern politics right now. For… various historical and ideological reasons that can be trickier to get into than “Nazis lol.” My point is, I don’t think that it will continue to be the case, but even if it does, that won’t have as much of an impact as you might think. The mostly artificial construct of “race” is going to lose to culture every time. I mean, back in the day, American politicians were worried to death of what would happen if Irishmen and Catholics were allowed to participate in American society. But American society chugged on with no perceivable change under an Irish Catholic president.

Demographics can’t save you, because people of whatever background will just be co-opted by the culture when they get there. (For proof of this, consider how you’re effectively describing Yiannopoulos as a gay Jewish Nazi.) It’s actually necessary to offer better solutions to practical and cultural problems. Rejoicing in the death of the elderly might make for ghoulish enjoyment, but I fail to see how it’s a practical solution to anything.

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