Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

Well, I’ll be dashed. Common human decency from a Progressive? Will wonders never cease?

If you’d approached your fellow Americans with this kind of humbleness, sincerity, and good faith, you would not have lost. May you remember this lesson when you retake the White House in 4–8 years.

For what it’s worth, Trump himself has rejected the actions of racists in a recent interview, so hopefully that illustrates how far away the racists who thought that they were hearing dog whistles are from the core of this movement.

I believe that the Progressives who worked so hard to convince everyone that Trump’s rhetoric was full of all this evil are at least partly responsible for this. Unfortunately, no matter how often I personally rebuke the actual racists and sexists and xenophobes of all kinds, they continue to claim allegiance to my cause, because you have convinced them that that’s what we’re about. It’s not completely your fault — we could be more emphatic in rejecting them — but you have played a part in this. As we examine ourselves, please do so on your part as well.

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