Estonian start-up invents a bowl, which never gets empty!

Rudolf-Gustav Hanni
2 min readFeb 18, 2017

In home often things run out suddenly. And then the problem is big. Estonian Start-up has made self-refilling bowl prototype. No need to worry about fruits, cookies, and favorite drink running out and more — it will be automatically refilled.

In event Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 many enginers, programmers, and business developers are developing smart bowl, which knows when the bowl is getting empty and automatically orders the refilling. Corporations with Estonian fruit whole- and reseller are in progress. First interest came from Bambona, which sells fresh fruits. Also e-Selver, e-Coop are seen as good partners for the service. Many international services as HelloFresh, which sends you cook box to home would be possible partners.

1st happy customers

First customers are already excited. “I’m soo excited about OwlBowl’s design,” told enthusiastic healthy food lifestyle practicer, Liisbet Ross. First 100 pre-orders will get free refilling of fruits for two months for free. For that sign up in and follow the news in Facebook

Also, other participants as product designer Liis Kippak are waiting forward to see our innovative design and test new solution. “I want to see, whats cames out of this in 48 hours.”

Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 is founded by University of Tartu, Estonian Academy of Arts, and SA Garage48. Equipment and skills are provided by Mass Portal with 3D printers, Rohde & Schwarz with electrical devices and Eccom with laser cutting.

Founded in 2010. April, in Garage48 hackathons more than 1000 working prototypes and a couple thousand start-ups are found.