Oh love

The older woman had her head ontop of the younger one’s stomach.

The younger one, who had short, blonde hair and piercing brown eyes, ran her fingers through her lovers pitch black tossels of hair and hummed various melodies.

The older one’s fingers flew over the soft skin of the girl’s exposed arm and she sighed: „I’m sorry.“

„For what?“

Deep brown eyes met hazelnut-coloured ones and the older one sighed: „For giving into this.“

„You don’t need to be sorry, Mrs. Lin-“

„Call me Anne.“

„Alright, Anne. You don’t have to feel sorry. After all, there are always two people to make good sex. And I don’t regret this.“

Anne smirked and the younger one tugged one dark wave of her lovers hair behind her ear.

„But I’m your teacher, Maura. How is this supposed to work out?“

A few seconds of looking deep into each other’s eyes passed, until Maura murmured: „Well, I’m going to take a shower now. It’s up to you to follow me or leave.“

Maura stood up and left the room.

She knew her lover well enough to tell, that she would follow her into the shower.