According to Wikipedia A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are comfortable with and (perceive they are in control of) their surroundings, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

This means that a comfort zone is a good situation that we find ourselves in as human beings, but we always wonder why they always tell us not to be too comfortable. one thing is clear “it’s not against us” instead.

The comfort zone is a poison and like any poison, we consume it now and it kills us later, let me explain (Have you ever wondered why some of your friends do well in a certain area while you don’t? don’t??) it happens to a lot of us, wondering where were we when other people were learning skills or having relationships and so on; the answer is clear “you were comfortable” sleeping on your bed, smoking a cigar, chatting with friends, watching movies or being terrified of asking for help in case of need by pretending you know or being ashamed to show you don’t know. (hide your weaknesses)

It’s always good to take a break when I say break I mean some time to rest after certain hours of work. Or some time to cool off after finalizing a project or part of the project you were working on (as project stakeholders or it’s your project) something like that. I mean a break is deserved, is a reward after a duration of comfort. but not live like retired.👵👳‍♂️🧓

Like I said earlier, not being comfortable is the only way to improve your productivity and productivity is the key to your success. Imagine being comfortable full time on your couch watching TV (Netflix series) one after another, what will you get at the end of the day? Nothing at all (other than dopamine) that won’t bring you anything new. here is the answer to the question you always ask yourself (when do others have time to have the results you see??) when you watch tv you spend more than 5 hours a day and you feel better on their own, others suffer from not sleeping through the night trying to create content that will keep you busy next time. I know you won’t believe what you can learn in just 2 hours if you decide to stop being a full-time comfortable person.

I know how painful it is to spend your time learning, training, or making difficult decisions, but the comments on all of this are all you need to be the person you dream of instead of commenting on the beautiful cars, the beautiful watches, the bling-bling of others. bling…you can’t get any of this if you’re not a go-getter and being a go-getter takes a lot of energy, courage, commitment, and a long list of qualities that I can’t list here.

Sometimes you think you’re weak and others are strong enough, that’s why they succeed. You say he comes from a rich family, it’s normal that he goes to Harvard, he has nothing else to do, that’s why he has time to study. But what you don’t know is this (life gives us the same resources and we use them differently because it’s never enough until we make a little sacrifice) if he’s rich, loud, has nothing else to do, and whatever excuse you have. what is your particularity? What do you have that no one else has that people can use as an excuse for your success? Are you smart enough? Hard worker? Or what exactly?? Find something for yourself and tell us that’s why I got to where I am now. I have a secret for you. MUHAMMED ALI said, “I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF TRAINING BUT I SAID, DON’T STOP, SUFFER NOW AND LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE LIKE A CHAMPION”. Is that enough to motivate you? It’s for me because you understand that it’s never fun to work early in the morning when others are slipping, and you go out and train. It’s painful and uncomfortable but it’s the price to pay to be this ALI we always talk about.

You can only change the situation in your life when you decide to control your comfort zone. when should I be comfortable, when shouldn’t I be?


I know you might not know what a comfort zone is? Let me tell you one thing. anything that takes courage to get the outcome you want, the need for comfort can kill it and you won’t get anything (except complaints and regrets) and sometimes apologies but nothing more.

For example, if you have a friend who smells of sweat every time you meet, you don’t like it but you decide to shut up so as not to offend your friend, you will be forever in your bad situation as long as you won’t make a move towards it.

You want to be a basketball player and you’re not saying I’m going tomorrow just because you’re downplaying and terrified of going out to meet players and introduce yourself and ask for help.

You like that girl in your neighborhood, you want her to be your girlfriend and you can’t move up to her and tell her exactly how you feel about her and what you want, maybe she doesn’t not worth it and you will continue- guilt for not being able to approach him.

You’re in the meeting that has the primary goal of changing the feature and you also need things to change, but you can’t raise your hand (request the stream) to be able to contribute.


Stop bringing excuses where they are not needed. I have met people who always speak ill of people with confidence as if they are arrogant, which is not true. It’s easy to label someone for anything just because you’re not able to do what they do to prove why we don’t like them, which is a weakness and the biggest weakness is not recognizing our weakness, which is equivalent to not recognizing the strengths of others. fight your war, win or fail, it doesn’t matter, but learn from it and stop accusing others of being freemasons or anything else just to justify your failure. “If you don’t fight, you’ll never know the taste of victory” (stop judging a process you’ve never been part of) Rudolf Maroy


EXCUSE: “She talks a lot about herself”: most of the time she’s promoting her products, services, or even her event, and all you have to say is “she shows up”, she has no problem doing what she does. You have a problem because you would like to be her but it’s impossible to put yourself in her shoes because you spend your time going out, chilling with friends and in the end, you have nothing to bring to the table so you condemn her to excuse your failure.

REALITY: Your excuse is “I’m not talking about myself.” Do you know why? Cause all you have to say is the secret between you and your friends no professional life, no career, nothing at all so when people start talking about their achievements you find yourself empty and the only thing you can talk about is “I don’t talk about myself”. common, get something to add to your identity apart from your names and the town you were born in.


The comfort zone is for retirees not for you (young, ambitious,). If you have dreams. Work hard for them and don’t stop until you’ve finished/achieved your expectations. Don’t settle for less. Keep pushing and always keep an eye on your main objective. to be honest, you’ll be more comfortable by the time you finally get there or by the time you retire👳‍♂️👳‍♀️👵🧓👩‍🦳



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Rudolf Maroy

Rudolf Maroy

Hello, I’m Rudolf Maroy, I’m a self-taught UX designer with a background in computer science, graphic design, and digital marketing.