A powerful change in perspective enabled me to finally overcome years of overthinking and crippling self-doubt.

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Growing up, I was a very anxious kid who couldn’t deal with any sort of uncertainty.

Everything always had to be perfect, and if it wasn’t, my mind would launch itself into an endless spiral of overthinking and panic. I was so afraid of even the smallest of failures that I didn’t even try anything new for fun. The prospect of being even remotely inadequate at something was terrifying.

To protect myself, I chose to stay in my shell. There was always some justification for every opportunity that I chose to forego.

As you can imagine, such a mindset didn’t…

With a few very simple but powerful changes to your thinking, you may just find yourself in a completely different headspace, with a completely different perspective on life.

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Most of us choose to view our circumstances as limitations. We think in terms of ‘what we can’t’, rather than in terms of ‘what we can’. We live out our lives based on what we feel restricted to. We constrict ourselves with these restrictions and use them to define our lives.

We settle for simpler degrees because we can’t do the harder ones. We often work in ‘mediocre’ careers because we can’t pursue the glamorous ones. Hell, we even settle when dating people just because we feel like we can’t ‘do better’!

While there’s nothing wrong with living this way…

The immediate steps that you need to take when you’re on edge to make sure that you don’t end up suffering any more than you need to.

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If I had to describe my experience with depression, I’d call it emotional asphyxiation.

Because depression, and for that matter, any kind of emotional overload, can feel like it’s suffocating the life out of you. Your feelings start weighing you down, and things start piling up until you can’t carry them anymore, and it starts to feel like you’re drowning.

Our emotionality can often wreak havoc on our lives. …

Rudraksha Rishi Mitra

Here to showcase my profound expertise in nothing.

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