Of Commencing Work During a Recession

The findings of this research are both interesting and scary, as well as satisfying.

I always find behavioral research interesting because it puts into words what we see every day but do not take time to further think about.

I am slightly scared at the thought that my own behavior can be determined by elements out of my control. And in this case we are talking about a behavioral trait which affects one of life’s most time-consuming activity, work. The idea that the circumstances surrounding the time in which I entered the workforce will shape how I feel about work and impact the career decisions I make is somewhat frightening.

I take solace in the fact — no, not the fact, but the idea — that I am likely to be more grateful for what I have thanks to it. In my book gratitude is one of the best virtues there can be, as well as a good lead-in to happiness.

Yes, behaviors can be explained by circumstances. But it does not mean they can’t be changed. And THAT is the most important thing to keep in mind.