Plant the seeds…

It has been approximately a little over one year since I took the stage at the Cheyenne Saloon for Starter Studio’s Second Class demo day. You can see my very first public pitch here. Phew what an awesome learning experience.

Since August 6th 2014 JOICASTER has been on the Grind (with a capital G). We had the opportunity to #joicast the 4th Annual Streamy Awards show. An event produced by Dick Clark Productions and Tubefilter that was seen on Livestream, 10+ YouTube Channels, a MySpace page (yes myspace) and SnappyTV. Hoping for a repeat this year; fingers crossed. :)

We have also #joicasted both stages (main and Product Hunt AMA) of the Launch Festival; because Jason immediately got our value prop after appearing on a short segment of This Weeks in Startups.

This isn't a brag post at all, because we truly do not have anything to brag about; as we are on lap 9 of 500. This is a post to help other new entrepreneurs out there understand that the startup road will be a daily grind and to plant seeds when possible.

I can honestly say that I have recently had conversations with people that I have spoke with early on that I could tell at the time quite didn’t get it, but now do and really see the true value, as well as the big picture of what is possible with JOICASTER. Get out there and talk about what your building and how you plan to disrupt the industry that you're in; because no-one else will. The more you talk & pitch the more seeds that are planted.

I am super excited for the next quarter as we have a bunch of seeds that will be sprouting pretty soon.

CEO @joicaster

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