Yes, the idea of the “10x engineer” is essentially valid when you look at the contributions…
Steve Heckman

Yes, I don’t want my stance to come across as “the more rest, the better”, that would be foolish (and lazy!). I’d even go as far as saying that there definitely are times when cranking up work makes sense as well (probably tasks that are less about creative problem solving, more about getting something repetitive done that doesn’t make sense to automate, but needs to be done). And even with the goal of creative problem solving, there are times where it makes sense to work through headache-inducing work, for instance if you first need to ramp up on a technology that is very foreign to what you’re used to in order to then solve the problem.

So, we agree. I guess my two only strong stances about this are: in particular for fields such as software engineering, the solution is a balance between those kinds of time; and I strongly think that people are widely different about that across the board, so much so that how to get the ideal balance will be very different between a person to another.