How Shopify has broke the checkout tunnel on his Facebook app. 

Design — Case Study

I saw few days ago that Shopify has created a tool for selling products on Facebook. I passed the last two years as user-interface and user-experience designer. Also i worked as designer for few companies who wanted make commerce into internet. E-commerce plate-form is a huge work-process between rules and force-sale. And the Shopify platform needs review his selling fundaments, plus implement more ideas to make it more successful.

The most important in e-commerce is: Don’t break the flow of the checkout!

If it’s broken the user will be frustrate into his shopping, and you can be sure that the deal will be hard to make. As you can see the first app installed on Fan pages this point is already broke. I explain myself: When you come on a Facebook page and you click on “store” and you wanna to get the product, you’re push away from Facebook and you are on the product-page of the seller website, and nothing is in your cart. So you have to search again for the product you want. And if you find it, now you’re to be able to get — Finally, God! It’s painful. The concept, i mean the based idea is good. But think about the process, it has to be optimised for the user/customer, and much playful for the seller, i guess. But this isn’t the most hard. The most hard is to be on one page. E-commerce is like come in one real store, you don’t go to the next store to pay what you want get to the previous store. And what is the deal with “Click “Like” above to gain access to our Facebook store!”. Come on guy, don’t you think it look like stupid video-link where you have to share the page to be able to see the video ( anyway you install virus on you computer, and you become the most annoying personne on Facebook well done! ).

The perfect way to make this commerce better. It’s making each part of the process able to win something. Friend of mine is a genius of commerce, he learns me this rules. I always think if your business-model is based on this rule, you’ll make money fast and easily.

Facebook & Shopify win a selling percentage. The seller wins the rest. User maybe could pay less the product. The user become an advertising of satisfaction. t list the user is already a winner cause he hasn’t the move or think to get what he want. He can talk with his friends and make shopping on the same page.

Where should go the sale

Checkout process, called to: The tunnel has to be redesigned. I mean anyway, It’s the first rule to remember: the checkout has to be quick, easy and secure. No pop-up, no new page, and other shitty “magic” like that. The best checkout process is the one where after you click on ‘ checkout ‘, the user is able to choose only between two buttons “cancel” or “continue” and nothing else is clickable.

Actually the design also has to be refresh. I guess if the e-commerce app fits perfectly with the s, the users would feel more. They would carry much more purchase. But I still thinking also that the seller should be able to make his own design. I guess it could give ann added value. But the way to display should be strictly the same.

Shopify app should starts with introduce a powerful navigation. Included: Categories Filters, Switch Display, and what seems to me the most logical the Cart.

Re-designed buttons

The Shop display has to be more easy to see. Actually now, nothing is feng shui and stable. Nothng like that should be more powered for sales.

Products preview has to be more easy to understand. People could be able to like or comment the product. Also to be able to collect for theirs wishes-list or buy the product.

Product display and his hover.

The product page have to be create. At the moment the user is just to be able to leave click o, the product picture and be push-out of Facebook to the seller website — doesn’t make sense. Why not, to propose to the user to stay on his Facebook and be able to get any informations he need about?

Product page re-designed.

And finally you can image what the checkout tunnel could be and the wishes-list too.

Also Facebook datas have to be exploited. We know that Facebook everyday is getting a massive databases about each people on earth. Shopify should be able to look at them and make the shopping more confortable for the user. Let’s take a look to next level:

Want-button Facebook & Shopify could work together to make the button more successful as it was. The button have to be re-introduce in this way. The Like button or Sharing buttons are good, but not revealable to commerce. Plus with the Want-button Facebook could introduce wishes-list. And birthday gift could be no more images got for few Dollars but some real things got on Facebook and sold to user-friend ( Gift sent from your friend via Facebook ). It should be awesome.

On technology point of view, i mean database-logic. If one user visit few Shopify apps. Facebook & Shopify will get datas about products appreciated by the user it doesn’t matter if he clicks and put it in his wishes-list. This massive user view-databases & wishes-databases could be amazing to use. Better as Facebook ads on my perceptive. The datas could be helpful in products suggestions.

Currently what i see on the Shopify app, it’s only a preview the seller profile hosted by Shopify. And Actually nothing very user-friendly, plus it’s impossible to get anything through Facebook with the Shopify App as you have probably expected with their Facebook campaign.