RuffChain has officially launched Early Bird program.

Ruff Chain
Jul 19 · 2 min read

Ruff members can participate in the Early Birds program on the ruffchain main network online. It will help the foundation complete the ERC-20 token mapping work faster and destroy the ERC-20 token in advance. Ruff members who participating in the event will receive one-thousandth of the daily income during the event time.

Ruff Foundation will participate in the Early Birds program with 700 million, which is not interest-bearing.

Address: 0xe2f3a791b20be7e0847da8baf8b48eb3b5b4e319

Early Birds program Time:

July 15th, 2019 — October 15th, 2019

Early Bird plan participating conditions:

1. At least 1000 Ruff ERC20 tokens are required for a single transfer to the destruction address. If a single transfer is less than 1000 tokens, it will not qualify for the bonus but it will get the same amount of main network pass within 5 days after the main network is officially launched.

2. The activity only supports transferring from private im Token wallet address to the RUFF ERC lockup address.

3. For any transfer to the RUFF destruction address after October 15th 2019 will not able to get 0.1% daily interest.

Participates interest calculation rules:

Interest rate: 0.1% per day

Interest calculation rules: Transfer before 16:00pm on the same day (the final transfer time is based on the Ethereum browser time) will get intraday interest. Transfer after 16:00pm on the same day (the final transfer time is based on the Ethereum browser time) will count interest from the next day.

Interest Due date: the day before the main network lunching

Early Bird program application address:


Participating in the Early Bird program and transfer RUFF ERC20 token to the designated destruction address in advance, this process is irreversible.

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