Abstinence is both FREE and 100 % effective and the only true form of “birth control”; it starts…
Sandra Lee Smith

Pregnancy is considered a medical condition because so many things can happen while one is pregnant.

Birth control is helpful for than just preventing pregnancy. It’s still health care. Nothing is without its side effects but there are other benefits for birth control for people like myself. Without it, I literally spent a month and a half on a period which was harming me. It can help people with ling irregular periods stop, it can help them start. It can help with PCOS. It can help endometriosis. Like, if you don’t want to take it for yourself personally, then just don’t. But other people do need it.

Idk, maybe I’m not tired of having to help pay for these things because they are still healthcare, whether you think it is or not, whether you like it or not. It’s not about owing, it’s about that everyone deserves health care regardless of actions.

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