Is Pokémon GO Really That Successful?

Post #3: Evaluation of a Non-Scholarly Source

Source: Telegraph UK

During the end of September, Newzoo released their research article, “Analysis of Pokémon Go: A Success Two Years in the Making” with no author(s) stated. The article evaluates the app’s nationwide success through several statistical experiments. From their data, they conclude that the game is what it is today due to its unique gameplay compared to competing apps and reaching a specific target audience. With that being said, should we readily accept what Newzoo presents us?

Despite being a for-profit company, the quality of their investigations is not something to overlook. After examination, Newzoo and their article can be trusted as a credible source based on the availability of the site’s data and the staff’s organized presentation of their findings.

Does Being a For-Profit Company make Newzoo Non-credible?


Even though they are using the funds from private sponsors to conduct research, Newzoo is still credible due to how they publish their findings. While they do focus their efforts for a specific group, they still release their findings to the general public. To achieve their reputation as trustworthy researchers, they make sure their content is assessable to anyone interested in what they have to offer. This makes the site credible because it can allow other reputable sources validate their research quality and cite it themselves.

Are There Other Sites That Used Newzoo’s Data?

There are many other game-related news websites that refer to Newzoo’s research data. Sites such as Venturebeat and Tech Times inform readers about the game using the statistics. These news sites are also credible with the general public as their target audience. By having other credible sites using their research data, we can trust Newzoo’s information to form our own judgments towards Pokémon Go.

How was the Article Presented?

The article is reliable because it uses non-biased data to convince readers that Pokémon Go is indeed performing very well. The language of the article does contain little to no emotionally-rousing words towards the app. All the graph designs are visually well-organized and easy to understand. They also include their sample size and sources of data below each. For example, the graph of the game’s revenue clearly labels iOS and Google Play from more than 55 countries as its primary source (Newzoo). The article is credible because they use information from primary sources with a straight-forward objective to inform readers their results.

In Conclusion…

Source: USA Today

Despite the company reaching their data towards professional gaming companies, the quality of their research is still valuable as credible evidence. The data can be seen as a bias if Niantic personally hired Newzoo but as it is released to the general public, both the general public and rival gaming companies can view the data themselves. Other news sites refer to this data to make informative articles about the app, confirming their trust in the people behind this research.

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