5 Basic Tips For Quick Total Knee Replacement Recovery

Recovering from a total knee replacement surgery (TKR) will have the patients follow some significant guidelines. Getting back to normal knee motion and strength will also require the patients doing some home exercise programs. TKR patients should do specific exercises for at least 30 minutes and two to four times a day. Doing so in the right frequency and with right technique is hence important.

5 Basic Tips To Get Fast Recovery For Total Knee Replacement Patients
1. One may have knee swelling within the first three months of an operation that can be subsided sooner. Icing the knee for three to four times for at least two months is advised. It should last for around 15 to 20 minutes. Apply ice to your knee, especially after a prolonged walking or you, have done exercises. Keeping your knee straight and icing it is advised. You can use Zip Lock Bags filled with ice or large Gel Packs.
2. Prevent your knee from being stiff or your leg becoming inflamed. Avoid prolonged sitting for more than 45 minutes at a time. In a case of a long sitting, you should keep shuffling your knee, standing or walking in between and often trying to bend and straighten it.
3. Don’t keep anything under your knee when sleeping or sitting.
4. If you see any pain, swelling or infection on your operated site, you should immediately contact your doctor.
5. Make sure you inform your doctor about your knee prosthesis before undergoing any other surgery or procedure. It may eliminate certain risks that can trigger during or following such processes. Keeping the gap of a year or so after the surgery and then performing such surgeries is advised.

Look at some key benefits of knee replacement:
Total knee replacement surgery is the most successful surgery. A tens of thousands of patients worldwide benefit from it every year. It has blessed the human being with comfort and real energy of life — especially senior citizens and those with a damaged or diseased knee.
Patients with total knee replacement surgery can expect,
A significant relief from a painful knee.
Enhanced knee movements in walking, standing and bending.
Improved knee strength.
Quick resumption to routine activities within a month.
At present, the orthopedic department has more advanced technology in forms of the knee prosthesis, surgical aids, and patient care. That’s why resuming to normal activities today has become quicker and more efficient ever!