Fifth Week Post Surgery

My ears started to ring constantly accompanied with occasional headaches. I searched online and found many other people who have had jaw surgery or operations on their tooth suffer from the same problem. Some went away in a couple months, some lasts for years. Will need to discuss with Dr. next Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve been waking up 3am to listen to my loud ear for a few days. It sucks. I also found myself often clenching my jaws in sleep.


Here’s a visual representation of the feelings in my face.

I have reduced the ibuprofen from 900 mg a day to 300 mg a day and feeling alright. This morning I actually woke up not feeling in pain.

Nose and maxillary sinuses (the 2 triangles beside your nose) are still swollen, my jaw line area hurts when pressured, because that’s where Dr. Bui sawed off 2 wedges of my lower jaw bone to fill my upper jaw.


Craving protein. I started to prep my own meals. 1 pound of grounded turkey breast mixed with scrambled eggs.

This is the ideal meal, high in protein which keeps me full for 3+ hours. Good for weight training. Low sodium, low fat, low sugar.

I put all this in tupperware, whenever I’m hungry I’ll just scoop out the amount I want into a bowl, pour over some of that creamy soup I stopped having as soon as I thought I could chew, and pop the bowl in the microwave for a minute.

Guestimate this could last me 3–4 days.

My weight was around ~122lb this week. On the lower end of my normal weight range pre-surgery.


Still working from home. Met up with Haley for lunch and throughly enjoyed this green little vietnamese desert.

Saw my team’s launch dinner photo on facebook, erbody had a drink — without meeee :’(

I put in around 6 hours of work every day, intervaled with meals and pills.

Mr. Em took me on a hiking trail. I got real close to a caterpillar! Cute little fella. My giant foot scared the bajeebies out of him.