If you want to conquer your fear of rejection and change careers successfully, you’ll need to focus on your mindset. Here’s how.

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Why present a radio show if no one’s listening? Because it makes you happy, that’s why.

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Craft a powerful and engaging summary statement for your résumé or CV by answering three important questions in 100 words or less.

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  • Including a personal statement gives you an opportunity to convey personality in your résumé
  • An effective statement should address the hiring company’s baseline concerns
  • You can craft a powerful and engaging statement by answering three important questions

In an aim to impress, it’s easy to overdo it on the detail when it comes to your résumé or CV. Review the top 7 things that you can definitely leave off.

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1. Basic Professional Skills

Cross off these three things on your to-do list before you get started to boost your chances of success

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Use these tips to create a an impressive professional summary you’ll be proud to submit for that dream job opening

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1. Plenty of white space

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  • Even though they’re often dismissed as passé, cover letters are still requested for most job applications
  • Specificity, tailoring, and brevity are hugely important to crafting a powerful personal statement
  • By telling one or two detailed stories, linking your background to the job, and keeping it short, you’ll have a greater chance of coming across as authentic, open, and seriously interested in the position

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  • Making a decision to switch jobs can feel liberating
  • But to stay in control of your job search, you should keep asking the right questions
  • Check in with yourself regularly to avoid wrong turns

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