Mobile App Prototype

We were to design an app that allows users to participate in citizen science. We were given the topic of plant heath in the King County Area, I narrowed down the topic to different blooming time of various flowers across King County. The potential users are farmers, flower shop owners and home garden owners. Firstly, I thought about the many ways of numerical and textual input, geotagged photo, and encouragement.

coming up of various ways of textual input

Then I drew my sketches on paper and then made adjustments.

sketches of my design

A potential user has tried my app and given me feedback. I finalized my product and made a video explaining it.

When I designed my app, I encountered one problem which is that the users may identify the flower wrongly so the input doesn’t match the photo. This can be addressed if the app can help detect the type of flowers and other details automatically. Moreover, I also found out that a flower can bloom for several days and this makes it hard for scientists to compare the data within the range of King County. I also was not sure about what to include in the page of note. These arr information to get from the scientists.

I like this project because it allows me to think through the flow of interaction design and create my own prototype although it is of low fidelity. I really like the POP app because it let me realize that any graceful design needs to be started from a prototype and it may be very simple. I also like the idea of making a video to walk others through the app. It is direct, clear and vivid.