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It’s now 1 month since I’ve been working from home. And almost 2 months since the vast majority of my life — personal and professional — is directly connected with managing the impacts of COVID-19.

During this period, our lives changed substantially.

We are faced with new and unprecedented challenges that rise from this global social experiment we are all living in.

We have been put to the test. We have been called to build immediate solutions to ambiguous and uncertain problems. We had limited time to think. Act first, refine later.

Suddenly, everyone, everywhere was making use of their innovation toolkit (and the vast majority of us didn’t even know we had one). We had to be creative; we had to be agile and adaptive; we had to be fast and experiment (all the activities I teach in my Innovation classes at Porto Business School). …


Rui Coutinho

Executive Director for Innovation and Growth at Porto Business School