Dear “Parents”

Unconditional love?

We get the impression that because you give us a place to sleep,

We should all just be sheep,

Following orders,

Accepting everything as self-evident,

Getting repressed when we question things,

As if intellectual curiosity is similar to insanity.

Since when are we only good if our opinions do not differ?

Since when are we only worth loving when we project your imagination of us into our realities?

We come though you, but it doesn’t mean that we belong to you.

Why should we be condemned?

We want to live and not simply exist.

We want to seize our chances, try new things.

Why is it that the same rights you yearned for in your childhood should not be given to us?

Questioning and ingratitude are not the same thing.

You crave order, but we want spontaneity.

We can relate to several points,

But have different wishes

What tastes sweet to you to us might be sour.

We understand that life has phases.

We’ll reach your stage,

Not by the elevator but by using the stairs.

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