You carry for nine months God’s gifts to earth

Carrying us for the good and bad

You hide your tears to see us smile

Loving us unconditionally throughout the good and bad times

Staying strong for your loved ones to hold on

Undervalued and overlooked by society but never afraid to stand up

Life is unfair, but I understand how valuable you are, so please keep your heads

You close your eyes when we make you suffer

And you still hope the best for us Performing miracles every day

I wish sometimes that I could do something to take your pain away

You are a great guide, and good followers would never go astray

Real soldiers like you, always on the front line, deserve honors every day

You are the oxygen of the family and society

For all those looking for happiness with a telescope, turn your lights on, be- cause you’ll realize that it’s next to you

We forget that we’re here because of you in the first place

You’ll always be in my heart because there’s no safer or warmer place

Unfortunately, most of us can’t keep the pace

Here’s my bouquet of words for the sweetest person

Words can’t define you; you’re indescribable

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