Quarantine is a pain… but can also be an opportunity to try stupid projects.

I decided to dust off my Emotiv Insight EEG and tame the T-Rex dinosaur that is the character in the chrome game when no internet is available.

Turns out Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is hard and it takes a lot of training and concentration levels to play it well. Just like mastering any new skill.

Problem is… quarantine is a bitch for concentration and weekends are lazy.

Anyway, code is available here if you want to try it and improve it.

Also, a short video of my failure to control the T-Rex below…

Many traditional companies have been struggling to create disruptive innovation… and failing. Mainly because the essential ingredients for disruptive innovation have been absent from this companies DNA.

Things like:

  1. They are risk averse, because they have a brand to preserve and have to present quarterly results that don’t leave much space for risky experiments.
  2. Decision making on innovation is a painful and slow process, and it comes inevitably out of timing.
  3. They carry heavy legacies, from IT to culture, everyone say they’re pro-innovation, but if you’ve worked at a big corp, this might sound too familiar… «That’s not how we’ve…

I recently had an RFid chip implanted on my left hand! 😨

I know it sounds like a stupid thing to do. Maybe even dangerous.
But the real reason is, it felt right to do it. I needed to have it.

Just like an artist might wish to use his body as a canvas for a tattoo, a technologist like me can use his body as a technology device.

I can now open office doors without my card, and will be DIYing a bunch of other experiments where an ID is needed.

My right hand is still available for a better chip. …

Rui Gouveia

All Things Digital ɔıʇɐuɐɟ // Creative technologist by uƃısǝp // Entrepreneur by ʇɹɐǝɥ // Founder @comongroup & Build Up Labs

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