Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free.

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Many users use Cacher snippets to keep track of todos for themselves and their teams. So it is of no surprise that Markdown Task Lists has been one of our most requested features. With our v2.30 release, we’re announcing support for Task Lists as well as a few other handy updates.

Markdown Task Lists

Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free.

Editing a nested label

Labels have been a differentiating feature of Cacher from our launch. They are the most intuitive way for users to categorize code snippets in their libraries and make retrieving knowledge a painless experience.

Today, we’re announcing a major upgrade to Labels by giving users the ability to nest them up to 20 levels deep. This will allow large teams and those with hierarchical topic areas to slot their snippets into the most fitting categories.

Creating a nested label

Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free.

Demo of Cacher for IntelliJ IDEs

The following is a completely unscientific, subjective account of writing plugins for Visual Studio Code, Atom Editor, Sublime Text and the IntelliJ Platform. We did not intend for this post to speak for the experience of all plugin developers and our limited experience coding for each platform only grazed the surface of capabilities. With that said, we hope the following adds a data point for those interested in building a plugin for any of these editors.

Cacher Plugin Requirements

One of the fundamental philosophies behind…

Uploading an image to a Markdown snippet file

Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free.

Ever since we introduced rich Markdown support for Cacher snippets, users have asked us to make uploading images and files easier. Up until recently, you’ve had to host Markdown images on a separate file server, then manually link them within the code editor. To fix this workflow bottleneck, we launched snippet attachments.

Why attachments?

File and image attachments help to provide context for the snippet. Why describe in words (or code) what an image or PDF can do better?

Here are just a few…

Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free.

I couldn’t find a writeup for this issue anywhere else on the internets so hopefully this post will help other poor Electron developers out there get around the issue. If you’re more inclined to skip straight to the workaround, here’s the snippet.

The Problem

electron-builder, the de-facto multi-platform package builder for Electron seems to have a bug where using the zip target (dmg is not affected) produces a compressed app folder which cannot actually be opened on macOS Catalina (10.15). …

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Cacher’s code snippet manager empowers you and your team to get more done, faster. Try all features free for 14 days. (No credit card required)

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to provide better features and support for an increasingly valuable segment of our user base — enterprise customers. While we started the app with solo professionals in mind, these individuals are often members of larger organizations as well. We’ve recently released these features to help them make the most of Cacher.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML

Our new SSO system enables customers on the Team plan to authenticate Cacher users through…

Larger groups on Cacher have always wanted a way to restrict editing team snippets. The team may have clients who don’t need write-access or consist mainly of students who access snippets for assignments.

Today, we’ve introduced a Team Viewer role for that purpose.

Team viewer permissions

Team viewers are able to view snippets and labels but cannot create or edit them, review draft snippets, change team settings or manage members. For a full comparison of team role capabilities, check out the documentation.

Adding and designating viewers

  • Starting a team: During the Add Members step, select Viewer from the role dropdown when inviting a new member.
  • Existing team…

TLDR: The new Cacher browser extension makes it easy to create code snippets from examples on the web. Install it via the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

The mission of Cacher has always been to centralize snippet management for pro developers and their teams. Today we’re taking another step in that direction by make it simple to preserve technical knowledge from the web.

Here are a few highlights of Cacher’s new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Create snippets from code blocks

With the Cacher extension installed, you will see a Save to Cacher button in the top-right corner of every code block. Click…

Here is a rundown of the great features we released in Version 2 of Cacher, available on both the Desktop Client and Web App.

Run snippet files locally

We started Cacher with the dream of creating a toolkit for code snippets and technical documentation, with all its features built around that purpose. One use case involved the idea of using snippets as learning tools, of drafting functions or algorithms which could then be run through a compiler or interpreter. We wanted users to have the ability to:

  • Quickly test new algorithms or code libraries
  • Learn a new language through trial and error
  • Store shell…

We’ve received plenty of user feedback upon releasing the Cacher Tray App two weeks ago. In response, we’ve introduced a few updates to address user concerns and enhance overall functionality.

Configurable global shortcut

Occupying a global keystroke combo is a fraught proposition no matter how useful the app is. Instead of thinking too hard about it, we’re letting Cacher users configure the Tray App global shortcut themselves:

Setting the Tray App global shortcut

Drag-and-drop file upload

In order to make it easier to compose snippets from existing content, we’ve made it possible to drag-and-drop one or more system files into the New Snippet view:

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