Rui Jiang
Rui Jiang
Aug 13, 2019 · 1 min read

Thanks so much for writing this. As a solo-founder I’ve had a very similar experience transitioning from a free web app (GistBox) that I had been working on as a hobby for 5 years to a paid enterprise-grade Electron app:

While many users using the free app had the same “WHY AM I PAYING FOR THIS WHEN I CAN BUILD IT MYSELF” your users had, there were also a number of folks in companies who felt a sense of relief when I started charging a subscription fee. They knew that this meant I was committed to the project and were more than happy to incentivize its development for years to come.

Best of luck with Sizzy!

    Rui Jiang

    Written by

    Rui Jiang

    Founder of Cacher, Human Penguin

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