What is “communications”? Communications is use something to communicate with others and exchange somethings.There are many way to communicate with each others and, there are also have many benefits about the modern communications.

Frist of all, today communications are a necessary thing in our life. You can use the phone or computer to communicate with each other. In many years ago you can only use litter to connect with each other but, now you can use any electronic equipment to connect with each other. You can easy to exchange the idea, Although you and your parents or friends lived far away from each other. This will help you to save time. Many years ago, if you ask or tell other people something, you will get the answer may be 2 weeks. You only have two choices, one is save problem by yourself, another way is just wait. That may be lead to have more problems.This can help you to save lots of time, when you have electronic equipment you can ask the question any time.

Secondly, communications can make the people know each other more easily. You can use the communication to make friends. You can make some china friends from USA by wechat; you can make some US friends from French by facebook. This will make this big word looks like a global village. This can make the different cultures exchange more easily. Communication can store up the cultures, they can put all the information on the internet, this can make people remember these cultures which cultures people do not care them very much.

Last, people can get the news more easily from the communication. Thats will make you not behind other people. You can get any information from electronic equipment. Now you can see the news from the internet and these web will according to what you interesting to. Shopping online is a kind of the communication, they put the information on the internet. You get the information then buy them. These information will tell you any detail about the commodities and you can also give others some advice about the commodities.

Communication now is necessary in our life, which can make people know each other easily. Communication can also save time, convenient and quick, from politics, economy to bring economic benefit in work and life. Communication make the foundation for the rapid development of Internet, which makes it possible to everything connected more and more in the future.