Never give up

Never give up

What means never give up? I think that means people should never give up anythings that they want to do. People should keep doing what they want.

Let’s start by an interesting story: A story that a men wanted to digged some gold, he used the shovel to keep digging. Many years past, he still not get the gold. He was very angry about that, he said:"Why I can not get any benfit by this hard work?"Then he came back. An other men came and keep digging the hole which hole digged by the men who digged it before. Just few days ago, men got the gold. The gold actually nearby the hole which hole the first men digged it. If that men could keep digging, he could get the rich report back on what has been done, but he gave up. He did not get anything. What can we learn from the story? Many people in our life are as same as the men who did not keep digging. They almost succeeded, but they gave up. Last the last they got nothing. We should never stop to try the things you want. So we should never give up.

The second reason we should not give up is if you give up anything frequently, at the last you can not finish anything. If you give up first time, then you will give up second time. At the last you will think give up is a common thing. You will do not care about that. That is a bad thing. This is why you can no finish anything.

The third reason dividing by three small reason. Why we should never give up? First, never give up is like an lesson to us. We can learn many thing about what question you have. You can find the key about the question by many times try. Second reason why you can not give up is, If you choose something that you should take charge of what you choose. That is your challenge. Last reason is, never give up can exercise us willpower. This can make you more strong in life.

This is why we should never give up, if you can keep all the thing’s resolve; you should never give up about your dream; you should never give up about your work; you should never give up about your school work. Then you can make your life more colourful.

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