The most memorable day I have had

This thursday we went to climb a huge mountain. The weather is nice. I took three bottle of water. This summer homestay I went to this mountain with Mrs.Harrington. I know there are a area we can get the water. This area near the point we start. Because this, I drank a bottle of the water. I wanted to get enough water for my body and get enough water for my water bottle, and I thought I can get a bottle of water again by water pipe. When I arrived the area which area I can get the water. I found the water pipe stop to provide the water! I losted one bottle of water in the begin of the trip.

After the question of the water, my trip of the mountain were very smoothly. I told myself “all most the top”every few minutes to stimulate myself. When I arrived the top of the mountain. I could see the bottom of the mountain far away. I enjoyed the wind touch my cheek. After we eat some foods and took some nice pictures. We started to back. At the half of the back way I met the DUC, he sprained her ankle by himself. I help he, I took his bag and support he until the bottom of the mountain.

This is the most memorable day in this school year! It is so tired, but climb the mountain you can get more movement and exercise. I think it not only can exercise the human’s body but also can exercise the willpower.

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