Mindfulness Practices For Design
Irene Au

Thank you for sharing these thoughts so eloquently! I really loved this post and the positivity. I feel so inspired to teach yoga to my fellow human beings in the workplace/campus to encourage more focused, empathetic and creative thought.

I generally hear a lot of hesitation when I encourage people to give yoga a try, self-doubt or laziness that masquerades in statements like “I’m not flexible at all” or “I’m terrible at meditation” or “I don’t have time”. There’s a lot of needless resistance and yet as you have pointed out there is a significant number of studies out there to support the benefits of mindfulness. With your article laying out the benefits applicable to the workplace, I’m hoping it might convert some of the skeptics and Eeyores I know (: It’s all about the practice, even if just for five minutes a day to start!

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