The Picnic Archive

Apr 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello! It’s me, Josh. My old twitter account was suspended for crimes I didn’t commit (making me very similar to the A Team), which means the links to a lot of projects have been lost, so I’m trying to gather them together here.

The Now We’re Talking! Podcast



Now We’re Talking! is 26 episodes of interviews with fictional characters played by some of my favourite people from Twitter and beyond. Sadly it’s been on indefinite hiatus for over a year now. It was previously hosted on Omny, but was removed due to that inactivity (lol) but has found a new retirement home on Anchor (which is totally free and really easy to use if you want to start a podcast of your own).

The Ruined Picnic Podcast Project

To my knowledge this is still the world’s only half hourly podcast. Probably for good reason. From the word Go, I gave myself half an hour to find a guest, record an episode, edit it together with some clips donated from around twitter, and publish it. As soon as it was uploaded, the next episode was due in 30 minutes. It was hectic and fun and gave me some good training for Now We’re Talking! The page also includes a couple of bonus clips from various things, including a couple of NWT! outtakes.

Monthly Screenplays

At the beginning of 2017, I made a joke tweet about a sequel to E.T., and after some interest, suggested that a small group of us could probably knock out a script in 24 hours — and we did. A total of five feature length screenplays were completed in the coming months by some wonderful teams of volunteers, each conceived and written amongst the group in only 24 hours total. They are as below.

E.T. 2: Ghosts Can’t Play Basketball

Opposite Jurassic Park

The Muppets Yakuza

Sonic’s Last Adventure

Thelma and Louise 2: Army of Darkness



On my bandcamp you will find Ruined Picnic and Friends, an album written entirely by followers and friends and recorded by myself in a single evening. It’s low quality but kind of fun.

You can also find four vaporwave albums which I started making ironically and then really enjoyed doing. As far as vaporwave goes they’re not actually that bad somehow???

You can also visit my soundcloud and find a couple of songs and strange recordings, as well as some tweets read for charity from a few years back.

Short Stories

Some of my short stories can be found here on @thenatewolf ‘s generous and fantastic website The Daily Dangle. Others you can find here on Medium! Isn’t that convenient.

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