How to leave your mark

University of Coimbra

Mankind always felt a need to mark his presence in a symbolic way in the places he has visited. Either collective or personal marks, man always did and will continue to do everywhere wherever he goes.

This need starts early

This is visible in the cave paintings of prehistoric times, the marks left in the most remote and inhospitable places. When set foot on the moon, the man once again left a mark in the hope that one day it would mean something to someone. This need starts early. Young people around the world leave urban graffiti, scrawl the furniture of schools and hotels where they pass, when older like to leave their mark in honor of Memorial, a monument, a symbolic place, the favourite restaurant or at the walk of fame in Hollywood.

Walk of Fame @ Hollywood

This behaviour is so rooted in humanity that more than one information is intended to fulfil a ritual ceremony that perpetuates our presence in a given location. The answer to this need is Invisiwall.

Use Case

A pilgrim walking to Santiago de Compostela passes in a old church where thousands passed before he did and where many others will in the future.

This pilgrim feels the need to leave his mark. Eventually to leave a thought, an image, something that connects him to those that will pass later. He can do it as the previous ones did or in a more modern way that enables him with all the freedom and without having to spoil or soil the surrounding area.

He runs Invisiwall app/technology and this allows him to leave whatever he wants clinging to that place. A text, an image, a song, a flower, a candle, whatever. And the pilgrim goes his way.

The next day another pilgrim arrives at the same location. Run Invisiwall app, and if he’s close to the coordinate where the message was posted, he will see and hear what the previous pilgrim left.

Over time, the most visited sites will join posts of thousands of users and this will cause that many more also want to make their mark in a domino effect, similar to what you see in all the murals and memorials around the world.