Letter to My future Wife/Partner

Dear future Wife/Partner,

I am right here,working hard,been working for the last 4 years.I am busy doing many things,for starters.i am busy investing in Unit trust funds to raise money to buy property later,i am busy making the most out of my salary to saving for our wedding,to pay your dowry,I am working on my cooking style and my cleanliness & hygiene back at my man cave.I am doing small jobs on the side and making small amounts that i use to save and for upkeep,

I have a great medical cover that i cant wait for you to join so you will always get the best medical attention possible.I am saving up nicely in all my pensions schemes getting ready for future retirement.I live in a Spacious Apartment with two extra rooms one of which i plan to convert into a personal office.

I am also saving for trips abroad,one of which i hope to start on by the end of the year and for rainy days,i have a 3 months salary cover in a savings account accruing interest for that time when things might not go well.I am also thinking about our kids,how we need to get education covers for them so they will always be educated whether we are there or not.

I am a single 27 years old IT professional just making the most out of life,I don’t go out to party much because i am busy indoors watching TV shows and movies on my 43 inch Android TV and playing FIFA and other video games in my collection,I try to go to church as often as i can and i do contribute my offering to God,my creator,I try and pray everyday,thanking God for blessings and the gift of life,good health,family and friends.I also pray to God for you,That he may keep you safe and help you achieve your dreams and desires.

i dont have a car but i just started saving for a car,maybe in 3/4 years time i will own one.I am also saving madly in a sacco so when i get a loan soon i will use the money to invest in money making ventures i am currently evaluating.

I have very fast internet in my crib that i use to do all that online stuff and simplify things like saving,banking,payments,investing,checking,booking,planning e.t.c.Its really helpful and as a techie,i dont think i would do much without it.

Truth is,i am very lucky,i have a great support system in my family,extended family and friends and God is watching over me every single day.I am healthy,though i need to do more exercises and reduce this weight but i am trying my best with a bit of walking,running and standing at least for 2 hours in a day.

So in summary,that’s my update to you right now.I wonder what you are doing right now,i hope you are doing great things for you and me that we will talk about and smile about when we meet.

Yours Truly.

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