Six Ways to Increase foot traffic and increase consumer engagement in Big Kenyan Malls.


What would it take to keep bringing more Kenyans into the mall during the week and Weekends? My take is malls need to invest in the following areas:

1. Offering free/Subsidized transport to the public through branded mall buses that operate on a fixed schedule from the city.

2. Encouraging addition of meeting rooms in café based franchises.

3. A Business center that allows one to print and bind documents and for good measure a messenger service to handle document deliveries. This can then grow to include shared office spaces offered at no additional cost based on a subscription model and minimum coffee credits.

4. Offering fast free Internet Access in the branded mall shuttle buses, in, and around the mall area.

5.Enlist established engagement based leisure activity businesses in the malls like video gaming lounges,restaurants,coffee shops, Skiing facilities, Movie theaters, even swimming pools,nightclubs,sports zones.

6. Distribute ads/fliers/magazines to people in Matatus/Buses plying all Nairobi Routes, showing promotional activities happening in the mall by the various tenants, showing products and services offered with an added offer of free transport to and from the mall, on weekdays.