Process Blog of User Research

1. What:

In this sprint, I need to observe people doing specific activities and take notes of what they are doing. My observation was taken place in a Target self-check machine. The time period for my observation is 30 minutes. In this thirty minutes, I need to take the notes of the various way of how people interact with this machine. There are two pictures show what the machine look like:

This is the whole view for the self-check machine

This is what the screen of this machine looks like.

2. So What

I like this sprint since it provided me an opportunity to transform some observed data into a problem. Also, Taking notes for what people doing is a fun thing for me. I like finding details of what might happened in the self-check machine which you will normally miss in your daily life. It is a chance to know more about things in my life.

3. Now What

What I did in this user research is collecting details of what happen in a specific situation and find out what problems could that be in each case. then apply solutions for those cases. For example, the interresting case in my observation was a diable person using the self-check machine. it could be a sample case of taking care of specific group of people while using technolegy. It can be applied into any cases that has something to do with disable people.

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