In the earlier episode of MYVETS, we had the introduction of MYVETS CHARITABLE TRUST & RESEARCH CENTRE, the founders, its origin and initial phase. Dr Madhurita Gupta, Wildlife veterinarian and President of “Myvets Charitable Trust & Research Centre” talked about their journey, difficulties & turning points, strength & support, climate change & the awareness about it. Also, she had shared their best experience and talked about the volunteers.

Their extraordinary skills and determinant passion is inspirational & their philanthropic journey is beyond academics, profession or even personal goals evolved with time & hard work in spite of all criticism, challenges & sacrifices and today they are standing with a mission to conserve wilds of INDIA though Myvets Charitable Trust.

Together they have sailed the boat against all the tidal waves to break the traditional practices in wildlife conservation and have made the Wildlife innovations acceptable worldwide with the technological revolution in wildlife conservation.

In this episode, they talk about the states and countries their projects are undergoing, plus the various sectors they work in. The details of the projects are also talked in detail here.

In how many cities and countries do you work?

Our conservation and wildlife projects are undergoing in various states in India from Jammu to Kerala wherein we have made self-sustainable eco-friendly India’s biggest Aviary for Exotics species in 2 Acres for E3 THEME PARK for birds in foothills of Wayanad, Kerala for exotics birds conservation, protection and proliferation in the natural environment.

In Maharashtra alone, we have given 3 patented wildlife technologies like 1. Wildlife Rescue bike for Tigers at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Wildlife Rescue Bike for Leopard — Human Conflicts Mitigation at Thane forest and most importantly “Wildlife Rescue Ambulance for Leopard — Human Conflicts Mitigation at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in association with esteemed organization TATA TRUSTS.

We have been extending our research and innovation under outreach in various countries like USA, UK, Netherlands and various other countries where our wildlife conservation projects and inventions have got great applaud, scholarships and recognition.

Our work in Wildlife Conservation # Reptile Conservation & Tiger — Leopard — Human Conflicts Mitigation is widely covered in reputed International Media like BBC and we have been instrumental in bringing the Wildlife Technologies to International platforms and Making India Proud at the global level with the social innovations.

In how many and which sectors do you work?

MYVETS INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD — START-UP COMPANY into zoo consultancy, Zoo designing & Wildlife Technology Development.

MYVETS CHARITABLE TRUST & RESEARCH CENTRE — A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION — Social Innovations, Wildlife Technology Development, Rural Empowerment, Sustainable Livelihood Programmes for Tribal Community Development , Species Conservation, Marine Mammals Conservation , Tiger & Leopard — Human Conflicts Mitigation in National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries , Gynaecological Health Awareness, Paediatric Care in Forests for Tribals.

MYVETS REHAB & RESCUE CENTRE — This set up is established under the direction of Hon’ble Bombay High Court and is supported by the State Forest Department of Maharashtra. It works closely with Forest Department & Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB ) Western Region for keeping the wildlife & Exotics Species captured & saved from illegal trafficking for the successful rehabilitation & veterinary care. So far the centre has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of Star Tortoises to their natural habitat in Bannerghatta National Park in the association of WCCB.

SHELTER FOR STRAYS — DEVGAD — This project is working for Rabies Control, Animal Birth Control Programme and to provide immediate emergency veterinary care, In-Patient Care and Ambulatory Services for injured & distressed stray animals and birds in the Sindhudurg.

List of our projects and wildlife conservation work:


Peacock conservation project was initiated by “Shri CH Vidyasagar Rao”, Honourable Governor of Maharashtra. This project is financed by TATA TRUSTS and implementing organisation is MYVETS CHARITABLE TRUST & RESEARCH CENTRE for the National Bird Protection Programme under “Species Conservation Project” at RAJ BHAVAN, Mumbai.


  1. OPEN AVIARY: The fencing is increased to 12 feet. Thus, the area is protected against the mongoose, reptiles and rodents.
  2. SAND BATH PITS: The small white sand bath pits are developed for the peacocks for taking the sand bath.
  3. ARTIFICIAL FEEDERS: The artificial feeders are designed in such a way that the mongoose and other rodents will not reach the top and compete for peacock feed.
  4. ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL NESTS: The nests are provided in the semi-protected area so that the peahen can complete the incubation of the eggs successfully without disturbance from rodents.
  5. WATER BODY: Waterbody is provided so that peacocks can get the clean water for drinking as well for grooming.
  6. ISOLATION & TREATMENT WARD: The isolation and treatment ward is provided so that the peacocks can be kept in this isolation & treatment ward during the treatment, till they recover from illness or injuries.
  7. KITCHEN & STORAGE ROOM: The kitchen and storage room is created for storing the grains, and other feeds for the peacocks. The incubator is also provided so that eggs which are abandoned by the peahens can be incubated in the artificial incubator.



Myvets Trust was officially taken on board in Sanjay Gandhi National Park to provide consultancy for the well being of the Man Eater Rescued Leopards and to provide proper veterinary healthcare management to them.


  • Captive Man Eater Leopards were obese
  • They Had In- Grown nails due to the lack of physical activity and lack of any kind of enrichment in the captivity.
  • Exhibiting Stereotypic behaviour


  • Surgical removal of In — Grown Nails
  • Enrichment was provided to prevent any kind of stereotypic behaviour in them.
“Two new wildlife technology coming up in For Forest & Ranthambore for Lion & Tiger conservation by Myvetd Trust which is going to be revolutionary.”


MYVETS TRUST has worked with dedication & saved many endangered species during emergencies and provided the best wildlife care and management.



  • Conservation of Asian Reptiles of India
  • REPTILE RESCUE BIKE Prototype — R & D
  • King Cobra Conservation Breeding Programme
  • Women Reptile Conservation Unit
  • Reduce response time during reptile rescues


Under the Myvets Trust, we have designed and conceptualized the India’ss first Glass Snake Park and got the approval for Master Layout Plan from Central Government to keep this old Reptile Park.



  • To develop State — Of — Art REPTILE PARK IN INDIA
  • Education & Awareness on Reptile Conservation
  • King cobra conservation breeding
  • Rescue & Rehab for snakes of India


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