SheTalks, a platform dedicated to women entrepreneurs

Khyati Maloo is Currently working at BHIVE Workspace, a full time marketer and part time traveller. Out and out globetrotter at heart who believes in learning by experience. Here, Khyati is talking about BHIVE and ‘SheTalks’, an event presented by BHIVE workspace in detail,

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  • What is SheTalks? The idea behind the concept and the origin.

SheTalks is a platform dedicated to women entrepreneurs, to help the community benefit from the experience of visionaries like you. We have seen there aren’t many women entrepreneurs in our community. Based on our discussion with women-entrepreneurs and leaders in different industries we conducted the first ever SheTalks.

  • When did you conduct the first event for SheTalks?

8th of March 2016 — Topic: Work Life Balance (On Women’s Day)

  • Tell us about the founders and the people playing major roles in SheTalks.

The idea of SheTalks was coined by the then events team at BHIVE Workspace. While the Events and Marketing team plays the major role it is the entire BHIVE Workspace team that comes together to make the event what it is.

  • Who can participate?

SheTalks is an open platform. We welcome everyone — there is no gender bias, no age bias, and no industry bias. The idea is for people to meet, network, learn, grow and have a great time together.

BHIVE has presented 3 editions of SheTalks series:

The first SheTalks event was held on World Women’s Day (March 8, 2016). It featured true stories narrated by accomplished feminists that have journeyed through the world of business and philanthropy.

SheTalkers participated in the panel discussion:

Neha Bagaria — Founder of

Avisha Sati — Feminist & Philomath

Puja Kohli — Founder of Unfold

Oindrila Dasgupta, Founder and CEO of Eat. Shop. Love.

(For More information: BHIVE sheTalks: true stories + networking for her)

Second SheTalks event was held on May 19, 2016. It featured the topic‘CHALLENGES WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS FACE IN THE STARTUP ECOSYSTEM’.

SheTalkers participated in the panel discussion:

Kabandi Saikai, co-founder and COO or LinkMySport

Mydhili Bayyapunedi, co-founder of YoungCurrent

Charanaya Chidambaram, Global PR & Marketing Lead at USF

Event moderator: Prateeksha Nayak, Journalist at YourStory.

(For More information: Panel discussion on Challenges women entrepreneurs face in the startup ecosystem)

Third SheTalks event was held on November 9, 2016. It featured the topic, ‘Motivate your Entrepreuneurial Drive’.

Guest Speakers participated in the panel discussion:

Pallavi Gupta, CO-Founder & COO — Mast Kalandar

Arpita Ganesh, Founder & CEO — Buttercups

Jincy Samuel, COO & Center Head — Coinsecure

Bhavna Toor, Founder — Shenomics

Sairee Chahal, Founder — SHEROES

(For more information: SheTalks Vol. 3: Motivate your Entrepreuneurial Drive)

  • Please give us some idea of the 4th Edition of SheTalks

The 4th edition of SheTalks was conducted in association with Tech In Asia. The topic was — Pitching like a girl, we had Caroline Fernandes, Co-founder at Vibha Women, Pankhuri Shrivastava, Co-founder and CMO of GrabHouse, Sahyujyah Shrinivas, Founder and CEO at LibeRent in the panel discussion. The discussions largely revolved around the issues that a women entrepreneur faces and while pitching her idea to an investor and how our well experienced panel tackled them. This was followed by an amazing performance by Marine de Montaclain — an extremely talented singer from France.

  • How do you choose topics and speakers for the talks? Is there any specific format?

The topic is selected by careful brainstorming amongst the team, keeping in mind the trends in the industry. We also keep a buffer of all the topics that our attendees wish to discuss upon while finalising the topic. The event features panel discussions between thought leaders that have journeyed through the world of business, corporate houses and self-development.

  • Which has been the best talk till now, according to you?

We had a very open and inspiring talk by Oindrilla Dasgupta, a co-founder at Eat.Shop.Love

  • Your views on Women Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment:

Women empowerment is the need of the hour and women entrepreneurship helps us push towards the same. No matter how much we discuss and debate equality, men and women are not equal, no one is more and no one is less. Both are special in their own ways. So, as a woman you need to understand and believe that you are special, you need to discover the qualities that make you special. Times have changed, in the age of technology driven innovation, the business situation has become very complex and the domestic situation very simple. The environment is ultra-dynamic and no rules or mantras are applicable to all women. Therefore, the prime mantra is to be aware, be a student, and keep learning.

  • What are your future plans?

We are aggressively building the women entrepreneur community in the hope to empower more and more women to realise their dreams and take that plunge. With every passing event we make sure all relevant issues are addressed. This way we want to inspire as many potential women entrepreneur as we can and give platform to those who have done great in their field.

  • Your message to the world

There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

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