“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

Change is one thing that is part of life. When we change, situations around us change too but when situations change, there is a certain adaptability that is always required of us.

Andela Bootcamp has taught me a whole of things such as Booststrap, Node.Js, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Git work flow, TDD and Javascript ES6. For instance, I have had the privilege of learning how to build a full stack App using Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Node JS, Sequelize and PostgreSQL Database. From this experience, I have learned many other interesting things while surfing the internet to make research on the project. This has made my time in Andela much more enriching and worthwhile.

Like Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right.”

I don’t think I’ve ever said, “I can’t do this” if i’m being given a task. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying i can do whatever task that is presented to me, but I don’t ever say “I can’t” without at least trying first. I may go into something that I have never had training for and be totally stumped, all i do is surf the internet and always ask questions if I need help.

My experience in Andela Bootcamp has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my soft skills and technical skills more, eventually will enable me to hopefully become more successful in life and achieve my dream of becoming a World Class Software Developer. The whole secret to this is ADAPTABILITY, which is the key secret to lifelong learning.

Andela is a place of change. What makes it so is because it’s a moving vision and it’s end has been determined, change is effective to one who embraces it. Bootcamp has always been challenging but no matter the challenges, i try as much as possible to embraced it and I really love the rate at which i’m adapting daily.

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