System.out.println(“Thank you Andela, Udacity and Google!”); // from a new Android Developer in Nigeria

I’m writing this success story because I really owe it to Andela, Udacity and Google

Working as a Graphic Designer with no experience of programming, I started having passion for Technology . “I got a great idea and want to build an app someday!” I started making research from different kind of people about building an app and i got different respond like:

“Programming is too difficult for me!”

“I do not have time to learn programming!”

and so on. I didn’t let that discourage me at all because I always see myself as a World Class Developer and being a World Class Developer you have to do what other people are not willing to do, go extra mile because success don’t come in a platter of Gold, you have to challenge yourself and make things happen. “Success ain’t Common at all”

I started surfing the internet to make research so i came across Andela and fell in love with there Core Values (EPIC)

E - Excellence

P - Passion

I - Integrity

C - Collaboration

In other to successful in life or achieve your dream of being a World Class Developer you must have this Values because for every successful people in life there are some secrets behind it, i.e

Excellence: Be the best in whatever you doing and the best way to do these are Finding the Best Resources (Books, Videos, Blogs, Forums), Get multiple Perspectives, Get a Mentor and the most important part of it is Teach what you Learn and Have a final Project to work on .

Passion: Have interest in whatever you doing “DON’T JUST PURSUE A CERTIFICATE, PURSUE A CAREER” let your passion drive you to work/learn hard in other to achieve your goal.

Integrity: Be honest with yourself i.e “Don’t just go to someone else Git and copy there code then paste and say am through with my project” It’s not about how far, It’s about how well, don’t deceive yourself.

Collaboration: Work in Team, It’s helps alot.

So I applied to AndelaALC and Thank God I was granted the opportunity to be part of the programme, I started studying the course on Udacity (having Andela Core Values at the back of my mind) which really help me alot and i was able to do all my project before the deadline. Here is the link to my final project as a beginner which i hope to improve on and get it available on google play as soon as possible.

I’m saying a very big Thank you to Andela, Udacity and Google. You are unforgettable, you gave me the opportunity to pursue a Career and not just a Certificate because the course on Udacity are very explanatory plus Andela Grouping and Meet-ups also helps in learning fast and able to test if I actually know what I learnt.

A wonderful thanks also go to the Organizers/Facilitators: Chimdi, Moyin, Layray and so on “You are the Best”. “Now I can start working on the App have been dreaming of building”

My advice to everyone reading this story is to follow the right procedure(EPIC) in other to achieve your goal.