It’s the second day of working continuously on assignments that I have to submit at a particular time, learn new skill to make this work and it’s been exciting all the way.

I learnt more about Git work flow, TDD and improve my technical skills by surfing internet and making more research. I believe in learning new things every day.

This Bootcamp is really helping me alot that i can’t en imagine. The most interesting part of it is the More-Recipes project, Setting a time for myself and getting it done by that time has not been easy, bug is gonna show up and needed to be fixed before progressing and Thank God I’m progressing (getting more used to codevigil).

The idea of the Bootcamp Slack Platform is really great! With the help of the Bootcamp Slack Platform, I was able to connect with some of my fellow Bootcamper, my team member, Bootcamp LFA and my Team LFA; they have been so helpful and positive about putting me through when I get stuck or when I’m not doing the right thing. All thanks to Victoria(Bootcamp LFA) and Ulo(Team LFA), they were able to put me through when I wasn’t doing the right thing.

And also there are tips that keep me moving which i’m sure it’s going to be of help to anyone reading this story;

1. Expect immediate, difficult change.

2. Never complain or make excuses.

3. Pace yourself.

4. Don’t be a “grab-ass”.

5. Learn Rules Quickly and follow them explicitly

If you follow this tips and have the mindset of not letting your dreams to just be dreams then you are on the right track(Congratulations).

I will also like to express my gratitude to Andela for this great opportunity.

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