Here comes the part 3 of this post, if you wish to read from beginning click this links: to read the part 1 and part 2 of this post.

It’s the third day of working continuously on assignments that I have to submit at a particular time, learn new skill to make this work and it’s been exciting all the way.

The first thing I do each morning is a code review of the previous day’s challenge then continue the day by checking the next assignment and how to implement it, start working on my assignment till my break time which is 4pm, start coding back by 8pm till 3am, then take a nap and wake up by 6am, well that’s my time table but it also depend on how the day went.

Day 1… was a little rough. Day 2… was challenging, but doable. 
Day 3… was fantastic

Hmm…I know you will be wondering why I said Day 3 was fantastic, yeah it was. I can remember I said in my previous post that I had little experience in Javascript before getting to the bootcamp, but now I’m seriously improving because I’m being given different types of Algorithm to solve every day and I was able to follow ANDELA Culture (EPIC — Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration), though it might be tasking but it’s getting more interesting and that’s why I used the word fantastic.

I won’t stop thanking my Team BFA, and my fellow Bootcampers for helping me out when I get stuck (God Bless you all).

Less I Forget, I must share some of the tips that keep me moving and I believe is going to be of help to anyone reading this story.

1. Expect immediate, difficult change.

2. Never complain or make excuses.

3. Pace yourself.

4. Don’t be a “grab-ass”.

5. Learn Rules Quickly and follow them explicitly

I am very excited to be part of this program. I feel so happy doing what I love to do. I will like to encourage anyone reading this and happen to be in a position like this to be very positive, believe in your dream, have passion for whatever you want to do and make sure you follow the tips provided because it helps a lot.

I will also like to express my gratitude to Andela for this great opportunity.

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